The problem: Eyebrows have become sparse overtime.

The solution: Redraw the eyebrows with the help of natural permanent makeup

Testimonial: “Freedom!”“Truly great not needing to pencil in my eyebrows every morning. What a relief! The eyebrow line remains in place all day – Fantastic! I do not need to be cautious anymore about scratching my forehead or eyebrows and erasing the eyebrow line. My eyebrow line will not be removed!

And, I receive so many compliments about my new look. I am even being told that I look much younger.

I strongly recommend permanent makeup to everyone I know. Thank you Clinique Esthétique Impulsion for my new FREEDOM !”

Madeleine Burns




The problem: Crooked, hairy and badly-plucked eyebrows.

The solution: Paramedical electrolysis for the eyebrows.

Testimonial: “Mrs. Roy changed my look and my life”“I was lucky enough to find a professional on my way to take care of my face. As a teenager, I began tweezing my eyebrows myself. I over-plucked my eyebrows and had completely changed the natural shape of my eyebrows, which modified my look and my face. After 2 paramedical electrolysis sessions, my morning routine was no longer a nightmare. I did not need to spend 5 to 10 minutes in front of a mirror, each morning, to take care of the newest little black eyebrow growths.

My eyebrows changed my morning routine but also, my appearance and my self-esteem. My eyebrows are neat. Their shape is always symmetric and natural. It’s wonderful.

Many thanks to your team for everything you have done for me. I feel better about my look and myself.”

Marie Mathieu




The problem: Sparse eyebrows

The solution: Permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Testimonial: “Outstanding Results”“ In January 2015 I had my eyebrows done (permanent makeup) by Lise Roy at Clinique Esthétique Impulsion. The results were outstanding! The shape fits my face perfectly, and the colour is impeccable. Most people are very surprised when I tell them it is permanent makeup… my eyebrows look so natural. I would highly recommend Lise Roy without hesitation. She is a true professional.”

Julie Blondeau




The problem: Thin upper lip

The solution: Permanent makeup for lip contour

Testimonial: “My mouth looks so much better”“My mouth was what I liked least in my face. My mouth was too small, my lips were not luscious, and the lip-gloss did not give the desired effect. I had to draw the contour of my lips with a lip liner. That is not natural, and it is annoying to have to trace the line before leaving home or after swimming.

Permanent makeup changed my life and my face. From morning till night, even after a swim in the pool with my daughter, my mouth is beautiful. It is defined with a natural color matching my skin.

Each morning, I wake up and my face looks natural. The well-defined facial contours bring out the best of my features. Permanent makeup is so easy, clean, natural and long-lasting.

It changed not only my look and my self-esteem, it changed my life. TO ME AND TO OTHERS, THESE ARE MY OWN LIPS.”





Thank you Lise Roy for the good services you provided. I look 10 years younger! I feel young and beautiful again! I hope my testimonial will encourage other persons to come and see you for a beauty care.

Marie Zeitouni

Congratulations to the whole team at Clinique Esthétique Impulsion.

I have been a client of yours for a few years and I would like to express my satisfaction for the services rendered. I received quality facial and back treatments. I also wish to point out the excellent care provided with professionalism and punctuality. The products that were recommended to me gave amazing results and I still use them daily. I highly recommend the services of Clinique Esthétique Impulsion and I will continue to get my skin treatments here. Keep up the good work!
A satisfied client,

Frédéric B. Désy

The results obtained with my IPL photofacial treatments are incredible. The increasing redness on my skin disappeared and the pores of my skin have been refined and tightened.

I am convinced it is an efficient treatment of rosacea.

Louise Guthrie

At each appointment, I received a quality treatment in a pleasant atmosphere. The results obtained with paramedical electrolysis are remarkable.


I have been a client of this spa since 2007 and I used almost all types of services. I can say that I am fully satisfied with all of them, and especially with the great customer service. The receptionist always goes beyond the call of duty to satisfy me at all times.
Nadwa Sorial

I have been a client at Clinique Esthétique Impulsion since 2008 and I used almost all the services: waxing (hair removal), pedicure, facial, electrolysis and permanent makeup.

I sincerely recommend Lise for the laser treatments, electrolysis and permanent makeup. She is so conscientious and meticulous. Thanks to her good work, my eyebrows look much better.

I like Stéphanie for the facials and the pedicures. And she is so nice!

Clinique Esthétique Impulsion is a very clean and peaceful place. We can trust them for all our beauty treatments.

Rosa Spano