Lasting beauty with permanent makeup.

What permanent makeup can do for you

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Often recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in Québec.
Following a surgery or a treatment, doctors can suggest our services to camouflage, reduce or eliminate traces or marks or even to color and restore certain traits.

Permanent makeup has both a paramedical aesthetic and cosmetic vocation.
With permanent makeup, pigments are implanted into the top layer of the skin to color or enhance some areas of your face or body.

Clinique Esthétique Impulsion specializes in natural permanent makeup in order to redefine certain faded facial features, to bring out your eyes or your lips and to correct your eyebrow line, which frames your face.

It can also be used to camouflage the effects of a sickness or disease, such as coloring your breast areola and nipple, after a breast cancer surgery.

Reasons for choosing permanent makeup:

  • Your eyebrows are sparse or nonexistent
  • Your mouth is dull or your lips are too thin
  • The contour of your eyes is not defined
  • You want to camouflage scars and traces of vitiligo or illness
  • You would love to have a beauty mark.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?
Women of all ages, active persons, moms, businesswomen, visually impaired persons, cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy, they all can wish to be always “ready to go” with permanent make-up!

Lise Roy, member of  Le premier Regroupement des techniciennes en micropigmentation du Québec.
Trust her years of experience in the paramedical aesthetic field as well as her meticulous and artistic work, using state-of-the-art technology, to obtain a beautiful natural permanent makeup!


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